About Bands4us

This is a website I created to popularize new and unsigned bands, so their music could reach new audiences. This came from a personal desire to find new music, alongside a lack of a good consistent source of this. This site should provide a daily dose of new music for all those willing to listen.

It creates a library of bands with few listeners on Last.fm that users of the website like, and allows users to rate these bands. The best ones rise to the top, and are picked as the band of the day. If you like a constant supply of new music, this site is your source. In addition, if your favorite band (or your own band!) is not being represented on the site, fix it! Anyone can nominate a band for the site, and the band will be added instantly. With a few good ratings, your band can be on the top of this site in no time.

So go on, try out some new music today. If you'd like more information, our Frequently Asked Questions page has plenty! If you want to know more, contact information for the site staff is also available on that page.


Band Recommendation

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Logged in users see band recommendations in this area. The website determines bands you might be interested in based on your tastes, and displays them to you in this space. Since you are not logged in, you will just get advertisements.





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