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Hopeless Nation are a Melodic Death Metalcore band from Canada. Their debut album 'Built From Scratch' was released in 2009.

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  1. Blackout
  2. Preamble
  3. War of Angels
  4. Our Time
  5. Dead Inside
  6. Premonition
  7. Break the Walls
  8. Follow Me Blind
  9. Pariah
  10. Rest in Peace

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KosTeT72RUS Posted: eight years ago


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arcanis Posted: nine years ago

Послушал их первый раз на HAXED METAL Radio - реально хороший потенциал, советую послушать.

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Broskinhimer Posted: ten years ago

I'm surprised they don't have many plays on here...War Of Angels is a great song. album is real good.

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postmortemdecay Posted: ten years ago

new cd is good. need more recognition

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BenOnUserstyles Posted: ten years ago

They have real potential


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