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KreepMaster is a Hungarian based instrumental modern metal home project. Formed in 2008, by guitarist/producer Peter Csak.

For more information visit the official KreepMaster facebook page:

Free tracks can be downloaded at his official website:

The first official release came in 2011 with the release of Prepare To Meet Your God (EP). It contained 5 powerful songs filled with epic choruses, progressive guitar riffs combined with a lot of synthesizers.

In 2012, KreepMaster released his first full-length album Supralizer, including 8 songs. The album was mainly inspired by the ancient astronaut theory.

The next milestone was the release of a single, called " The Watchers " featuring a new french vocalist Jagan of the band Crytek.

KreepMaster has also featured in a few collaborations. The most memorable was the vocal version of Suffer.ION featuring Lave(SWE) and "Lullaby Of War" featuring Matt Gabnai of Minotaur Project

The 3rd studio album " KM.III.:Centralia " was released in December 2017 adding 8 new songs to his biography.
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Top Albums

Top Tracks

  1. Supralizer
  2. Nexus Of Time
  3. Visitation
  4. Infra Trap
  5. Techknowledge
  6. Fragments
  7. Suffer.ION
  8. Phoenix Lights
  9. Six Degrees Of Separation
  10. Hypercharged Detonator

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iPowder Posted: seven years ago

Supralizer..Phenomenal! Bandcamp \m/

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Kaio-ken Posted: seven years ago

This amazing.

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sid3ovgsus Posted: seven years ago


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iPowder Posted: seven years ago

Yeah this I dig: Prepare To Meet Your God \m/

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Naetholix Posted: seven years ago

Scratch that, just got it off Bandcamp! Fuck yeah, man, I'm loving it! keep up the awesome work!

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Naetholix Posted: seven years ago

Dude! I want to have your music in my car! Where can I buy/download? You're awesome!

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aldrignedigen Posted: seven years ago

kinda nice

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Morbid654 Posted: eight years ago

space music

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AryaBara Posted: eight years ago

Nice EP ! like it

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Pirinyo Posted: eight years ago

nagyon bejön :)


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