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Minsk is a doom metal and post-metal band from Peoria, Illinois, United States founded in 2002. Self described as "psychedelic metal", their songs tend to start out as slow and simple, and become heavy and complex towards the end. Their sound draws equally from sludge metal, doom metal, hardcore punk, ambient and noise music, with a highly psychedelic attitude achieved through tribal drum patterns, thick layers of synthesizers and keyboards, and echoing vocals. They are named after the capital of Belarus. The idea of survival through suffering is a recurring theme in the lyrics and musical style. In fact, regarding the origin of their name, their official biography states: "Drawing its nominal inspiration from a remote Belarusian city nestled deep amidst the in-betweens of the East and the West, a city that has been burned to the ground on several occasions only to be rebuilt like a Phoenix rising from its ashes." The sounds and atmospheres they evoke in their songs are complex and psychedelic .

The band's first full-length album, Out of a Center Which Is Neither Dead nor Alive, was recorded in late 2004 and released in 2005 on At a Loss Recordings, following appearances at the South by Southwest and Emissions from the Monolith festivals. During the recording of the album, Drew McDowell left the band leaving them without a bassist. Sanford Parker,a big fan of Minsk and the guitarist for doom metal band Buried at Sea, who was producing the album at the time, decided to join Minsk as a full-time bassist to replace McDowell and also resumed his production work. He is still today a full time member of Minsk and a notable underground producer. Soon after Parker joined, founding member and guitarist Dustin Addis left, leaving the band to record Out of a Center Which Is Neither Dead nor Alive as a four piece, with Cristopher Bennett solely in charge of guitar duties. To support the album's release, the band embarked on a nationwide tour supporting many popular metal artists, notably Brutal Truth, High on Fire, Boris, Sunn O))), and Pig Destroyer.

Following the tour, Minsk prepared to record their second album, The Ritual Fires of Abandonment, which was released February 2007 through Relapse Records who signed them immediately because of their growth in popularity and positive reception of their debut. After its release, Minsk went on another United States tour in support, reappearing at the South by Southwest and Emissions from the Monolith festivals in addition to several east coast stops. The band released their third LP, With Echoes in the Movement of Stone, on Relapse Records in 2009.

In 2011, the band decided to call it quits with an open letter, but reformed several months later in 2012.

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  1. Embers
  2. White Wings
  3. Mescaline Sunrise
  4. Circle of Ashes
  5. Three Moons
  6. The Orphans of Piety
  7. Ceremony Ek Stasis
  8. The Shore of Transcendence
  9. Almitra's Premonition
  10. Means to an End

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Jureiko Posted: six years ago

All the musicians are involved in the other bands now and Sanford is also busy with studio work. But there was not an official statement about disbanding. And I hope there never will be.

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elephantdildo Posted: seven years ago

Is this band still in activity? I can't understand..

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jmedran Posted: seven years ago

That guy does a flawless Scott Kelly impression.

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homegrownhippo Posted: seven years ago

/,,/ if they should do a joint tour to uk with Giant Squid and Neurosis i think my life would be complete

User Image

yana_moose Posted: seven years ago

офигенно ! музыка такая завораживающая !!1!1

User Image

P_Function Posted: seven years ago

ya too bad minsk utterly demolishes those 3 bands.

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Trempest Posted: seven years ago

These guys are cool and all, but I just can't get into them like I can Isis, Cult Of Luna, and Rosetta. People say bands like those 3 are rip offs of Neurosis, but out of all Post Metal the only band I think sounds too much like Neurosis is this one.

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Torrulf Posted: seven years ago

Studio Tour with sanford parker http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=6NaMR6KfMNc

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DEFEATOFCTHULHU Posted: seven years ago

Check out this Facebook page for your best in post rock, post metal, post hardcore, sludge, instrumental and MORE! http://www.facebook.com/releaserevolverenew

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Torrulf Posted: seven years ago

HERE IS THE ARTICLE! http://www.brooklynvegan.com/archives/2011/10/sanford_parker.html THERE IS GOING TO BE A NEXT RECORD! the question is when...


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