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Of Former Fame began in early 2007 in the ubiquitous suburbs of Portland, Oregon. Hopping from suburb to suburb, the band's location is constantly morphing as needs arise while keeping PDX as its main stay. Falling into the Modern Rock, Alternative and even Metal categories, Of Former Fame blends heavy riffs, enveloping melodies, and catchy vocals for a blend of rock that is unique and familiar at the same time. With influence from superstars such Chevelle, Foo Fighters and The Devil Wears Prada, O.F.F. has created a delicious mix of tasty goodness. Steve belts out the head spinning gasps while alternating between rhythm and "trinket" sounds on his guitfiddle. Omni (Joel) instigates the composition and drops main rhythm and lead strings in an appropriately chaotic fashion. Brent lays the foundations with metallicious beats like a artisan concrete salesman at a do it yourself expose. Thump is brought to you by the letter "Jason" where all your dreams of long thick strings can come true. All purchases final. Refunds only provided in cases of defective materials. Not available in all states. Line up ladies for your collection of 20 something masterpieces of the male persuasion. You're about to get O.F.F.!

Starting from a solo project Omni hit up the old craigslist and began to pull in some good friends. Over time a new singer was crowned and a plethora of bass players have sifted through the works like driftwood in the sea. After meeting a singer on craigslist, Omni started refining some tunage. While at work, Omni met Brent. Immediately he knew he played drums without even talking to him. He asked him to come jam and after 6 months of obnoxious harassment Brent finally bought a kit to replace his former stolen drums and they were half way there. Omni and Steve began a friendship at Baker High School and slowly wafted over to the PDX area. Back in the day Omni helped Steve learn some guitar and decided to reconnect and pull Steve in to play "second string" (pun intended). Now short a bassist they set out on a noble quest to find the perfect low end emphasizer. Many have come and many have fallen with Jason currently picking up the slack. Will he remain and prove worthy of the O.F.F. experience? They truly hope so because training is a bitch. During the early days of garage bandery, the cops were called in to investigate the racket. Shortly after the v-kit was obtained and now practice is hi-fi low sound in various bedrooms while barely disturbing the picky neighbors. Thank God for technology.

Of Former Fame has been slowly gathering steam in the PDX area and is currently marketing online with a vengeance. You can hear O.F.F. on a variety of online radio shows on a regular basis and occasionally on PDX's own Rock 101 KUFO. With over ten thousand hits on their MySpace the fan base is growing with a determination only a B list celebrity on a reality TV show can appreciate. Despite all this, Of Former Fame is just getting started with the end game goal of rocking the undies off of every man, woman and child in this little place we call Earth. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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