Frequently Asked Questions


Can my band be featured as Band of the Day?

Granted you meet the fairly loose guidelines set forth on the add page, of course! As long as your band is not widely known already, and has some music available for listening online, you will have no problems nominating your band.


Why do I see "No Account" at the top of the page?

Bands4us is powered by, and in order to present you with relevant band recommendations and more, the site needs permission to access to your account. "No Account" is displayed when no information about your account is available from If you click the text, you will be taken to, and asked to authorize the site to use your account here.


Can I change any site settings or anything?

Yes you can! After logging in you can simply click your name to get a small options menu.


How can I contact a staff member?

Currently this site is a one man show, so I'm going to suggest you contact that one man! You can just send me a shout on, (cppchriscpp) or you can send me an email at I am also available on AOL Instant Messenger with the same screen name as on, if that is your preferred method of contact. I am not always around when my client says I am, so if you don't get a response from me immediately, I am not ignoring you. I will get back to you as soon as I am available again.


Where do the band recommendations come from?

The band recommendations come from bands that finds to be similar to bands you have given positive ratings on the website. If you are getting seemingly random recommendations, rate some bands! The recommendations will improve the next time they change.


Did you design everything yourself?

I did code a great deal for this website, and worked quite hard on some of the graphics used on the site, but I cannot take credit for everything you see. Much of my data is obviously taken from; this information made the ratings and band recomendations possible. I did design this site's actual layout and the rating system, however. It does take some design hints (no coding hints however!) from In addition, the headphones icon and the vinyl ratings icons are modified from the work of's icons and logo are credited to I also do make use of some code from the first version of Lightbox, used with permission. Other than that, all the PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL Queries, and images are my work. If you believe I have used your work without crediting you here, please let me know. I may have forgotten to update this, and and if thas is the case I am more than willing to rectify this mistake.


Can I use as a band link?

Well, once upon a time this would have been a definite yes, but since has gotten rid of streaming single tracks, this is no longer the case. If the band in question has tracks that can actually be downloaded or streamed from, then may be used as a listen link; otherwise you will need to find someplace else where full tracks can be listened to. Spotify is also acceptable!


Why does your site appear so ugly/broken?

The short answer: update your browser!


The Long Answer:

Well, that depends. Are you using the most recent version of your web browser? This site is tested and is graphically and functionally sound in the most recent release builds of Opera 10, Firefox 3.5, Internet Explorer 7-9, Google Chrome, and Safari. Prior versions of these browsers do show some graphical eccentricities; and in particularly Internet Explorer 6, earlier builds of Firefox, and Opera 9 are completely unusable.

If you are not using the most modern version of your browser, that is most likely why the site looks bad. You should probably update, as many other sites on the net are the same way, and this site is completely standards compliant, so it should appear the same way across all browsers.

If you are using the most modern version of your browser, the answer is more simple. The site is ugly! If you've got any comments or suggestions, I am more than open to them; just get in contact with me somehow.


How many bands are currently in the database?

The answer to this question and many more are available on our stats page, which is consistently kept up to date.


Band Recommendation

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Logged in users see band recommendations in this area. The website determines bands you might be interested in based on your tastes, and displays them to you in this space. Since you are not logged in, you will just get advertisements.





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