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I figured it might be helpful to make a list of changes I have made in the past few days. This is by no means an exhaustive list; it is just what I remember. I'll try to add to it as things change more.


- Reordered recently added bands page; users now come first, with System being the last entry for each day.

- Redid the band of the Day box, so controls are on the top. (Easier scrolling through bands.)

- Added About page, mostly taken from FAQ

- Made the Terms of Service requirement page much more noticeable. (Sorry, but i have to show it once.)

- Fixed small backend errors that had not occurred in testing

- Marked Bands4us users in comments! ( should do this too. :<)

- Fine-tuned band of the day selection a little.

- Added day of the week to Twitter updates

- Fixed date on shouts being wrong

- Fixed shouts occasionally not parsing bbcode

- Fixed a JS error on the New Topic page.

- Fixed browse paging issue.

- Added icons for band of the day and recommendations.

- Added titles to these icons. (>_>)

- Fixed an issue with post length on the forums.

- Hid token from users.

- Fixed < and > from messing up posts. (Really this time.)

- Fixed a validation error with new topics.

- Fixed text length limitation on the forums being about 1/5 what it should be.

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- Set twitter to link to the actual band of the day. Made a shortcut for it;

- Fixed a bug that cropped up while editing this post -- url parsing will no longer break posts.

- Added links to radio, redid the add/remove links section of bands. It has nice pretty icons now!

- Fixed band comments sometimes showing the wrong time. (10 years ago, anyone? :v)

- Fixed band shouts sometimes showing the wrong age.

- Fixed band shouts sometimes not parsing bbcodes right. (The issue stems from the bbcode parser somehow being called twice. While I have not found out exactly why, I have prevented the problem from happening.)

- Fixed text being the wrong size in forum post textbox if not using tinymce

- Added icons and stying to popup boxes. They're still not gorgeous, but they're decent. Also replaced the html and css images with smaller ones that look marginally nicer. (They're also harder to see, but oh well.)

- Made the profile editing thing more obvious.

- Added an easter egg somewhere >_>;

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- Fixed issue with UTF-8 breaking. Htmlentities were being inserted in not-utf-8 because of a small change I made yesterday. Whoops >_>

- Fixed track titles and album titles not being properly encoded while I was at it.

- Added social networking icons below the Twitter widget.

- Finally fixed the errors some users were getting at times. Maybe. I hope. Really this time.

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New search box! All pretty-like. Theme changes may be coming soon. Someone has pointed out that the titlebar would kind of go better without the gradient, and having seen it I am tempted to agree. I'll probably set that to the new default and leave the old skin around.

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