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I had an idea the other day I think I am going to go through with to make things a little more interesting and active here. I am going to try releasing a mix of music from bands featured on the site monthly; grabbing a song or maybe two from the highest rated bands featured during the past month. I will probably feature genres as well, so the time period will not be set in stone. For example this first one will probably feature indie and post rock acts, while a later one might feature metal once more bands in the genre are featured.

The first one should be out tonight or soon, and we'll see how it goes. If you have any suggestions for the first mix, or moreover if you are part of a featured band and want to pick the song featured, please get in contact.

Disclaimer about music featured: Excepting for songs directly given to me by the band, I will only feature songs in which the full version is available for free online, and is legal to distribute in the medium selected. If you are in a band and have any problem with a song being featured, let me know and I will fix things as soon as I am able. I am not sure how limited this will make my selections, but I will try my best to keep everyone happy.


Update: The first one is out!

August 2010

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